Competition Registration

Season 4 of the Fittest Winner Competition is set to start September 10th, 2013, that doesn’t mean you have to wait to register!

Please scroll down and submit the form to register.

Additional changes in the dynamic this year include:

Team size – Teams are now required to have a minimum of 4 members and can only have a maximum of 15.

Divisions of the League – 

  • Competitive – Where teams can compete heavily with one another under the understanding that everyone shares the goal of winning, as well each member must commit to at least exercising 5 hours a week. 
  • Moderate – Where teams can focus less on competition and more on their fitness and health goals.

We do ask that teams be honest in their selection of a division, as with everything in the competition. NOTE: Division selection should be a team consensus and not a captain’s preference.

(Optional) Team Goals – Should captains choose to participate in this piece of the program, individuals will submit weekly goals for themselves to the team captains and teams will submit an overall goal for the competition. At the end, teams that met their team goal may also be awarded with an additional something.

Use the current season form to register for this season!

Don’t forget to look at the information and updates for the new season!


– FWC Staff


One thought on “Competition Registration

  1. I’m the captain of this team, but not a member. I am a member of the competitive team, Statewide Fast Trackers. There are a total of 15 members, 10 of which wanted to do the relaxed version, and 5 for the competitive version.

    Also, I have 1 team member that works for Statewide Development, but works in Anchorage. Can she be a part of this competition?

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