Season 3 Fittest Winner Roster!

Season 3 Fittest Winners!

Shu-yuang Huang

Ryan Smith

Rorik Peterson

Cheng-fu Chen

David Fee

Max Kaufman

Taryn Lopez

Glenn Thompson

Michael West

Shannon O’Kelley

Brittany Hoch

Rebecca Sanches

Jessica Johnson

Demi Johnson

Mike Grahek

Jami Warrick

Sharon Corbett

Marie Thoms

Julie Logsdon

Michael Abels

Jeff Baxter

Valia Casey

Sandra Preshaw

Mary Van Muelken

Maria Russell

Rachell Peterson

Ashley Munro

Jeni Macomber

Brittany Dammann

Chris Eversman

Holly Royce

Sarah McConnell

Robin Brooks

Patti Picha

Jackie Debevec

Carol Murphrey

Brianna Pauling

Deb Rimer

Kate Wattum

Authur Hussey

Timothy Armbruster

Richard Machida

Congratulations! These individuals have shown strength in the face of adversity and pushed their limits every week, they can hold their heads high knowing they are Fittest Winners!


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