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FWC Staff and Faculty 2013

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Congratulations Fabulous Fittest Winners!

This winter has tested us all, but we are finally to the end of the competition and summer is trying its hardest to get here. Today I would like to celebrate all of your amazing accomplishments along the way and announce the FWC Season 3 Winners!

League Stats:

Total Weight Loss: 1233.1lbs (WOAH!)

Total % Weight loss: -4.49% (2% higher than last year!)

Average Hours Exercised per Person: 6.82 ^^ up an hour and half from last year!

I was unable to establish an award ceremony for this year, so the top three teams from each division are invited to a small get together in Conference room E/F in the Wood Center @ 1pm-1:30pm – Please be there on time, schedules are tight this week and we want to make sure everyone receives their prize. If you are unable to attend, please send a teammate in your absence. I encourage all captains to be present :

The top teams who lost the highest percentage of weight loss in their division and are bestowed the “Nobelly Prize” award:

  • Relaxed Division
    • OIT Net Results with -4.98% weight loss
    • CPRH with -4.18% weight loss
    • Get Fit – Life Long – Stay Happy Development Crew! With -4.07% weight loss
  • Competitive Division
    • UnderCover Rogue with -5.61% weight loss
    • ATE IS ENOUGH with -5.37% weight loss
    • The Old Fat Guy and his extension divas with -4.98% weight loss

Kudos to the teams that an extra dedication to excellence – I bestow upon you the “Right Stuff” Award:

  • Lively & Limber Literates and the Literary Lb Losers for their captains amazing dedication to healthy living. Catherine Williams went out of her way to acquire extra prizes for the individuals on her team that displayed hard work and dedication, providing extra incentive to individuals to live healthy.

NOTE: Recognition for goal completion will be recognized at staff appreciation day!

And the moment we have all been waiting for!! The top 3 Fittest Winning Teams from each division with minutes exercised accounting for 80% of their score and weight loss accounting for 20% over the last 10 weeks:

Relaxed Division:

1st place – CPRH with 114.21 hours/person

2nd place – Weapons of Mass Reduction with 96.52 hours/person

3rd place – Seismic Shift with 88.50  hours/person

Competitive Division:

1st place – Too Inspired to be Tired with 170.38 hours/person

2nd place – Statewide Fast Trackers with 129.49 hours/person

3rd place – In It to Thin It with 125.19 hours/person


These six teams are invited to be given their prizes and have their picture taken with the chancellor on May 10th , from 1:00-1:30pm in Conference Room E/F in the Wood Center. It is requested that you be there!

Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm in Season 3 of the Fittest Winner Competition. I look forward to your future participation and hope this season was as fun for you as it was for us. We promise to keep coming back and working hard for the UAF community.

Thanks everybody!

-Kayli & FWC Staff

March 28th was our Fittest Winner Crunch Brunch and we gave away a Wii Sports Bundle and some awesome prizes!

Here is Ann Hovde the winner of the Wii!


Thank you to all participants who were able to join us at the event! Have a wonderful spring!

Welcome Message:

Welcome to the Fittest Winner Homepage! Here you can register for the upcoming season which will take place from February 20th- May 1st, 2013. Here you can also start conversations and forums with other competitors and see upcoming news & events with the FWC.

If you would like to register your team, please click the “Competition Registration” tab <— located on the left hand side and scroll down to the UA login section. Once you login it will allow you to access the registration submission page.

Please take the time to share your stories, inspirational quotes and journeys through the Fittest Winner Competition. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, you can still contact the Program Director – Kayli Stanfill at kmstanfill@alaska.edu.

Also, if your team is interested in sharing movies and healthy recipes, please submit those to kmstanfill@alaska.edu for approval and they will be uploaded shortly. Thanks.

Have fun and keep moving!


– Kayli Stanfill

FWC Comm. & Oper. Coordinator


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